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Are you a factory or trading comany?

We are factory, we have 15 years experience in this field.

Do you provide sample?

Yes, but samples fee and freight fee will be charged by your side.

What's the Warranty for your products?

We provide 1 year warranty. 

What's your MOQ?

Different products have different MOQ, usual ZOMAX chain saw and brush cutter 's MOQ is 200pcs. OEM is 500pcs.

What's your delivery time?

Normally 25-30days after order confirmation and advance payment.

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority. Our inspection team always pay great attention on quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully inspected before shipment.

What's the features for Zomax chainsaw with crankcase intake technology?

The series which has crankcase intake technology, they are ZMC5201/5202/5203 (51.7cc), ZMC5601/5602/5603 (54.5cc), ZMC5801/5802/5803 (56.5cc). Compare with traditional intake, crankcase intake technology makes fuel consumption less(10% Lower), power stronger(20% Higher), temperature lower(10% Lower), cutting efficiency higher, starting smoother(Resistance in the start rope reduced by up to 40%), cutting length max reaching to 28".

What’s the features of Zomax gasoline chainsaw with stratified scavenging engine?

1.Zomax currently has three chainsaw series with stratified scavenging engine.They are ZMC3501(35.2cc),ZMC3803(38.8cc),ZMC4201/4202/4203(41.5cc).These three chainsaw series have catalyst-free muffler.With thorough burning,fuel consumption can be decreased by 30%.

2.These chainsaw can meet EUV and EPAIII emission standard with initial burning.E.g. THC+NOx,one of most important indicators is quite lower than EUV emission standard 50g

3.It has optimized cooling system,engine temperature is down from 290℃(ZM4000) to 245℃ (ZMC4201).

What’s the advantage of Li-ion battery compared with Lead-acid battery?

1.Reducing the volume and weight for the same battery pack of same volume and weight,Li-ion battery’s capacity and energy is 4 to 5 times bigger than lead-acid battery pack;

2.High energy efficiency:for lead-acid battery,the voltage drops a lot in the process of discharging.Therefore,it can only use 60%-80% of its capacity.While for Li-ion battery pack,it can use up to 97% capacity due to its stable discharging character;

3.Prolonging cycle life of battery pack:the cycle life of a normal lead-acid battery is only around 50% of Li-ion battery;

4.Shortening the charging time:it takes 8 to 10 hours to charge a lead-acid battery.While it only takes 3 hours to charge a Li-ion battery;

5.More environment friendly:A Li-ion battery doesn’t contain hazardous substance such as Pb,Cd,Hg,H2SO4.



Zomax took the lead in providing one-year warranty.

Selling products is just the first step. Ultimate customer satisfaction is won by good Gasoline Garden Tools in domestic market.

Zomax took the lead in providing one-year warranty.Zomax launches various promotional campaigns and carries out after-sales services together with domestic distributors.We demonstrate operation and maintenance of garden machines,provide on-site services and grant free spare parts to users.Tangible benefits help users acknowledge and welcome Zomax quality and brand,which in turn will finally benefit us


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