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Xu Renbiao, member of the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal Committee came to Zomax to investigate and guide.

On the afternoon of September 6, Xu Renbiao, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Wenling Municipal Committee, and his group came to the Zomax Gardens Co., Ltd. to investigate and solve their problems.

Chairman Wu Liangxing of the Zomax Group, Jin Chuanxin, General Manager of Zmaox Garden, accompanied Secretary Xu and his delegation to visit the company's product exhibition hall.Chairman Wu Liangxing reported to the secretary Xu the company's recent operations and explained the company's next strategic plan.

It is reported that, as the first new third board listed company in Wenling City and a company involved in the drafting of the national garden chainsaw national standard, in 2016, China established a strategy for upgrading the garden machinery industry using lithium batteries as fuel.Enterprises have worked hard at industrial transformation and upgrading. At present, the company's garden machinery industrial park located in Shangma Industrial Zone is under intense construction.At that time, Zomax Garden will become the second company to enter the Shangma Industrial Park after Zomax Transmission with a new look. Secretary Xu said that he hoped that enterprises would strengthen their confidence.Relying on fist products to further increase market share, make enterprises bigger and stronger, and create new momentum for the future development of enterprises.

During the investigation, Chairman Wu Liangxing also reported to Secretary Xu on the preparations for the establishment of the "Wenling Zhongma Zheshang Cultural Research Institute".Secretary Xu said that "Zomax" were the first private enterprises born in Wenling after the reform and opening up. As the cradle of Zomax entrepreneurial development,Aodihu's old factory area is a treasure land with deep cultural connotation of Zhejiang merchants. It is hoped that "Zomax" will fully rely on the Zheshang Cultural Research Institute as a platform to adapt to local conditions and create a Zheshang Cultural Park with national influence.

Li Haibing, deputy mayor of the municipal government, Li Chenyao, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Taiping Street, and Xu Yin, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau accompanied the investigation.



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