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Zomax Garden Machinery Co., Ltd organized a spring outing for all employees in 2019

On May 22, Zomax garden machinery co.,ltd organized a spring outing for all employees. 

We took four tourist buses to leave the company at 6:30am, after 3 hours we arrived at the destination of this trip, “Jinyun Xiandu” Scenic Area. Xian is the most famous scenic spot in Lishui city, and it is also very mature.Because of the beautiful scenery, many costume dramas that popular in recent years have chosen Xiandu to shoot. Unlike the antique film and television cities in Hengdian, Xiangshan and other places, Xiandu is almost all natural scenery, so it has the reputation of "natural studio".

Xiao Chibi is the first scenic spot we visited. There are Longgeng Road, Poyangyan and other landscapes. Then visit Ni Weng Cave, which is said to be the hideout of Fan Ji's teacher Ji Ni during the Warring States Period. In order to commemorate him, the locals cast a stone carved statue for him, just like a reclining monkey holding a monkey.

After a full meal at noon, we started to visit the core scenic spot of Dianhu, Dinghu Peak.Dinghu Peak is 170.8m high. It is the tallest pillar stone in the world, commonly known as stalagmite. Good Creek turned a big bend gracefully in front of Dinghu Peak, and the water surface is calm, which could clearly reflect the reflection of Dinghu Peak.Friends who like to watch martial arts dramas will find such scenes familiar.

The last stop of the trip: Zhutan Mountain, the best place to shoot Dinghu Peak. The picturesque scenery is the essence of Xiandu.

All-day's tour of the “Jinyun Xiandu” Scenic Area not only left us wonderful memories, but also enriched the cultural life of us, strengthened the friendship and friendship between colleagues, and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the company team.